thought I would vs. thought I will

Hi…it is me again ,well can anyone tell me which one of the next is correct;

  1. i never thought for a minute that i would miss her this much.
    2.i never thought for a minute that i will miss her this much.
    IS there a difference between them? if there is one , please explain it and it will be great if you give examples.

Thanks a lot guys…

  1. I never thought for a minute that I would miss her this much.

Note the capitalization of the first word, and that pronoun is actually capitalized wherever it appears.

This one is correct because the tenses agree. Since thought is in the past, “would” is required. That you won’t miss her much is no longer a presumed future reality – indeed, you have already experienced the opposite. Using the future tense simply makes no sense for a dead, debunked assumption.

This sentence might have been said long ago, before you found out otherwise:

I do not think I will ever miss her much.

The tenses agree there, and the possibility that you won’t miss her much in the future is alive.

Of course there is a difference, would is a conditional and will is future tense,and I think will is more appropriate than would

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Tatiana, please see my post. “Will” is inappropriate for things time has already proven untrue and thus retired to the past. It simply cannot happen, so why would we indicate future possibility or certainty, the impossible?

Well,I agree but for which sentence?

The one the original poster has asked about.

Thanks everyone…and Torsten ,i will try to keep this in mind next time.