Though and But

My concern is easy and painless. I just wanna know if “though” has the same use as “but”, and also why though is always ending sentences. For instance, We had a long break today. I didn’t enjoy it though.

Thanks a lot.

Hi Serzige
Though is usually used at the end of the sentence to add a fact or an opinion that makes the previous statement less strong or less important.

OK…Thanks for your answer Pamela. Even though, I think my regard was not answered yet. Is there any difference between “but” and “though” reagarding meaning and gramatical use?

See you soon!

Hi Serzige

The word though can be used to mean however or nevertheless or despite this. With one of these meanings, the word though would typically come at the end of the sentence (or clause):

Jane used to live next door to us. I haven’t seen her in years, though.

At the end of the sentence, though can also be used to intensify what you’ve just said:

Aren’t you the clever little devil, though!

When the word though is used with the same meaning as although or even though, it comes at the beginning of the sentence (or clause).

Even though you seem to think the words “though” and “but” are similar, I do not equate the word “though” with the word “but” at all. :shock: