This year i will attend TOEIC and i want to make friends

i am from china,

this year i will attend toeic examination,
i want to make a friend with u,

this is my msn,

thank u.

Hi bioitboy,

Why are taking the TOEIC test this year? What do you do, are you student or do you work in a company?


TOEIC listening, photographs: Country scene[YSaerTTEW443543]

i am a student,actually a graduate student,grade one.i just want to improve my english and get a good job in future.i hope u give me some help.

So, what kind of job do you want get, where do you want to work? How did you learn about the TOEIC test?

As for your Engjish, it’s probably good if you stick to the correct spelling of the personal pronouns I and you. Also, please mind the spelling of words pertaining to nationalities and languages such as English, Chinese, Italian etc.


TOEIC listening, photographs: A vineyard[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear torsten:

You also got the wrong splling. (English)

You are so sweet that always give tips to us!

Thanks for your hospitality.

Best regards,


Dear Avein,

Many thanks for pointing out this mistake. It’s great to have your support and feedback.

Talk to you soon,

TOEIC listening, photographs: A picnic[YSaerTTEW443543]

Dear Torsten,

I’m going to take the TOEIC test, too. But my knowledge isn’t very good especially listening skill. I hope that you can help me to improve it. Could you give me some guide such as some materials to listen? I’m a pre-intermediate student.

Thank you very much!

Best regard,

Hi, every body!

I’m a last year student, so I want to improve my English and get a international English degree that for my studying in two years later.
I’m very like this website, it have a lot of interesting topic and friend.
This is the first time I post my reply to forum and I hope to make friend with every body on the world!

Smile will open doors. :slight_smile: