This is the first time I've ever seen you smile.

Hi everyone,

There are two women and one them always looks very sad and never smiles. However suddenly the sad woman smiles. The other one says: ‘This the first time I’ve ever seen you smile.’

Is this construction possible?

Is it also possible to say: 'This is the first time I see you smile/ smiling.

If both are possible which one of them is the more idiomatic. If neither is idiomatic, could you give a more idiomatic expression, please?

Is my text in general good? If there are mistakes, please correct them!

Thanks Alexandro

Your first sentence is the better of the two and it is not necessary to view it as an idiom, just a possible exaggeration.

Thanks Beeesneees,

Would you be so kind as to take a look at my thread: ‘On what I thought was correct’, please? E2e4 has given his opinion, but I’d like to have yours as well. Thanks.