This is my TOEFL independent writing essay. Could any one give me the feedback? I appreciate your big help

Some students prefer to study alone. Others prefer to study in a group. Which do you prefer?

Study plays an essential part in the development of further education. Students have their own preference the way of study. Some students prefer to study alone. However, others like to study in a group. Considering pros and cons whether study in a group or alone, personally, I prefer to study alone. And the reasons for my opinions are elaborated in following paragraphs.

First of all, there is no absolutely right or wrong in the method of study. It is all dependent on individuals’ habit. For me, I found I can concentrate more when I study alone. There is no doubt that studying with other people would get the benefits, such as solving questions together. However, I prefer to note down every question that I have. After summarizing, I can ask for help at once, which is more efficient for me. Furthermore, I easily get distracted by others because I like to observe people who are surrounding me, which made my study more difficult.

What’s more, from convenience perspective, I can study in everywhere. If I joined a group for studying, we would have to arrange the meeting time and the places. As a result, it could take longer to finish the assignments. In contrast, I can manage my time for studying if I studied alone. Namely, I can be the master of my time. Take my own experience as an example. I was invited to join a group study. In the beginning, we arranged the meeting time at 10 am in the library. However, the weather became bad when the meeting time was closer. Eventually, it was heavy raining at the time of meeting. Most of us could not make the meeting on time. Moreover, it took one hour to gather all of us in the end. In the meanwhile, I was thinking if I did not join the group, I could just stay in my room and study alone without any trouble like this.

Last but not least, from flexible perspective. Since I study alone, I do not need to set my study schedule in the fix condition. I can easily switch my study time when there is urgent situation happening. Nevertheless, this is not going to happen in the group study because the study plan is fixed. Once the plan is changed, it would affect everyone’s schedule. At this point, I think the group study is not flexible at all.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, I support to study alone in terms of paying more concentrate, making study more convenience, and flexibility.


Hi Becky, welcome to our forum. Please correct the mistakes in the following two sentences before we move on.

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Hi Torsten,
Thanks for replying.
What do you think the sentence as below?
To facilitate efficient study, it is indispensable to find to best way of studying.
instead of the sentences “Study plays an essential part in the development of further education. Students have their own preference the way of study.”



Yes, that’s better because it’s grammatically correct. However, to me it sill sounds contrived and is a bit too difficult to read and understand.

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