This is an imaginary project based on a real market research

Hello, I am making an english version of my portfolio. I run the text through an online grammar checker, but if you could just please check if everything is ok, I would be very grateful.

"This is an imaginary project based on a real market research. It is targeted to young and older people that often visit extremely popular film and other cultural festivals in Croatia. Beer is the most common drink on these festivals. Perfect for hanging out and talking after the film is over. The idea was to turn the label of the beer to an information point where people can see which festival is coming next. It is possible to win a ticket for a festival and a trip to a city in Croatia where the festival is located. This way Carlsberg is more connected to a large target group that is usually more likely to buy croatian beer brands and even more important, that is not directly targeted by any other beer company. Because Croatia is mostly (culturally) oriented to Zagreb and Rijeka, this would help the people get-acquainted with other cities they normally never visit and it would connect Carlsberg, perceived as a foreign brand, to local community and create an different image from other beer brands. "

Thank you very much for your help!