This is Amoolh, my native language is Arabic and I hope to be your friend...

Hello everyone,
this is amoolh ,i,m a new member here.My native language is Arabic and i hope to be your friend :oops:

Hello Amoolh

you are welcome in very nice site
where are you from ?


Thanks Teem
I am from Saudi Arabia
I am 22 years old
and ofcourse i am a girl

Hi everybody.
I do hope everything is going well.
miss Amoolh you asked me to correct your essays. but I haven’t seen an essay of yours here yet.
Hey guys! you could make new friends as pen pals aside from learning English. so, let’s do it.
I wish you best.

my name is sameh im 25 years old .from egypt and i’m here to improve my english so i hope to be friends
see you sooooooooooon