This is a good way to study english watching movies with subtitles below

I’ve learned today that this is a good way to study english watching movies with subtitles below. Did anybody try this? Is it useful? If so where you found such movies?

You should try to watch them without subtitles. Only then will you be really curious about what a word means! I learnt by first English words while watching Cartoon Network in English so I can guarantee that it works!

A good way to go: watch without subtitles, but when you’ve come across some gibberish (well, from your standpoint), then look the subtitles up on the internet (a google search for a phrase that you know for a fact is said in the movie gets the job done for me) and find out what the gibberish really stands for.
That trick has gotten me through some tough movies. Hehe.
Of course when you’re watching something along the lines of The Simpsons, then there will hardly be a time when any gibberish pops up because the actors speak distinctly which is good for noobs I guess. But you have to be on the lookout for gibberish in tough movies such as “Office Space” or “Superbad” etc.

I’ve figured out for myself that usually in any given movie there’s a good chance that you know ALL the words uttered by the actors (movies aren’t books for Christ’s sake!). The problem is native speech is so garbled at times from out standpoint that familiar words turn into something that resembles static noise and we have to seek help in subtitles.

Where can you find movies? The internet is brimming with them. I can get a hold of any movie in a split second (provided that it’s not still in production) and so can you!

'Ere!, 'Oo are you calling garbled then, mate!

Sorry, just telling it like it is, pulling no punches. Stark naked truth if you will.
It’s true I’m getting better and better at decyphering native speech, but nowhere as good as you are.
Hehe. =)