Things I learnt from my good old father?

My father is a very honest medical doctor. He’s in his 79 now. Still in good shape thanks to his good deeds to the mankind.
He’s been so honest , never corrupted. Nobody can buy him. He is a strong pro socialist. Until now.

He stopped abruptly being a general practitioner since about 30 years ago.

Why? I asked.

You know it’s sinful to expect a sick person to come to my clinic. And wishing to have good income every day. I hate it, he said. And he didn’t feed us since then.

Oh, dear… I want to drive a Mercedes father.

Father, you are very inconsiderate, I said in my mind. But what to do , he’s the man of the house. And I’m only a leech.

( But, I do believe in his way of thinking. It’s disgusting to earn sick money and blood money. )

(His father was died of stomach cancer, he was abandoned by the hospital and suffered living hell with his open stomach. My father said they were cursed to see his rotten guts and to inhale fowl smell until my grand father died. My father was only studying medicine then. He wanted to be a cancer specialist but the corruption in the cabinet barred him from further study abroad, although he was ultra bright. )

Poor father.

kind regards.