There will be better days for America



Torsten Daerr (@TorstenDaerr) Tweeted:
@SabolRon @realDonaldTrump But there will be better days for America and the rest of the world once the great American people finds the strength to finally get rid of its biggest nightmare with the fake fancy orange hair. Torsten Daerr on Twitter: "But there will be better days for America and the rest of the world once the great American people finds the strength to finally get rid of its biggest nightmare with the fake fancy orange hair.…"


Wow, Torsten. Is it penned by you?


Yes Michael, written by me in an attempt to get political


It is a crazy time to get political nowadays. At least in the so called western world. There are some forces that try to undermine freedom, democracy and justice. And people so easily get in struggle getting political. I wonder what happened in the good old aerea of the free.
Oh btw, how is life in your county? is it that weird as we were reported lately or can you still cross the road at night?


Hi Michael, do you mean county or country and whose country or county are you referring to :slight_smile:?


Torsten, you know I am a fellow countryman of yours, eventhough I live in the quite opposite county of the part where you live in.
I just was wonderring if life is threatened at night in your county (district, part of the FRG) as the “dark site of the force” :waning_crescent_moon: used to claim. :confused:
Sorry, if my comment had offended you.
Though I have become pretty cautious when it comes to political discussions.


No offense taken at all :slight_smile: just clarifying what exactly you had in mind. Now I understand you mean the federal state of Saxony which has been going through quite a period of transition technologically as well as politically. I’ve been traveling around the country for the past couple of years and it’s important to hear different opinions and talk to all kinds of people to get a better picture of what is going on. Leipzig is quite different to the rest of Saxony – it has been the fasted growing city in Germany since 2014 and I’m sure it will continue to develop and thrive. I think many industrialized countries in Europe are now going through a phase of dynamic changes. Especially we Germans need to realize that the times when we used to dominate the world economy with our exports might soon be over.

We are now entering an era of ‘Capitalizm without Capital’ which means that intangible goods such as algorithms are pathing the way to new business models. China is no longer a ‘developing country’ but a highly developed country that is more advanced in many fields than we are. This is very difficult to accept for large parts of our population.


Sorry, for my late reply. And yes, you definitely are right saying that the world -or maybe better parts of the world- are undergoing a change. And yes China is one of the most developed countries. At least in technological sense. That´s for sure. This might a bit depend on their recklessness in concern to resources. It also might a bit be owed to the fact that they had overcome a time of austerity and were longing for technical progress. I think western technological companies and of course political ideologies never had taken into consideration that Chinese people once would learn by copying and developing technologies. I think us westerners had been convinced, they always would depend on our welfare. Now as we can see, they are not this silly and have their own glorious brains and mental capacities. And this not only in handling tangible goods, but also intangiblle ones. Have you known that when you go to some eastern asian countries people in pubs sit side by side and instead of communicating face to face they interact via laptops. And particularly in Taiwan it must be crazy. A chat friend of mine once complained that she couldn´t find a groom because guys there are much more into digital interactions than in physical partnerships.:scream::scream: