There is no reason to be impolite (rude) to another person

Agree or disagree? There is no reason to be impolite (rude) to another
person. Use specific examples and reasons to sport your statement.

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In the contemporary society, interaction between people has become much more frequent than that in the past. At the same time, as pressure arises from all aspects in people’s lives, it does occur under certain circumstances that some individuals communicate in a rude way to others. Behavior of that kind, unquestionably, is not welcome and should be avoided.

To begin with, being polite and respectful is not only the first and foremost rule to obey in social behavior, but also the prerequisite of effective communication. You will surely lose the interest and motivation for further communication if the person you speak to is rude. There is an old saying in my country that with a smile on the face, you have grasped the success on hand. Indeed, people who always show their politeness and respect often get more opportunities from others, which, accordingly, lead to their success. For instance, interviewees that behavior in a polite manner are no doubt more likely to pass the interviews than those who don’t.

In addition, rude behavior and disrespect towards others can sometimes induce serious violence. There are numerous reports nowadays about how inappropriate speeches or behaviors between two strangers have ultimately lead to severe conflicts or even death. On the other hand, politeness and courtesy can usually help resolve the conflicts and facilitate the development of mutual understanding. For example, when we happen to step on another person’s feet unintentionally on a crowded bus, the best solution to solve the embarrassment and avoid trouble is a sincere apology.

Moreover, acting in a rude manner will jeopardize the impression one made on others, which could lead to unpleasant results. Indeed, behavior is a direct reflection of people’s personalities and attitudes towards lives. Actually, some of my friends told me how they felt disappointed about the dating because the one they met appear to be rude upon the restaurant waiters.

In conclusion, politeness is a basic principle for communication, as well as a fundamental quality for one to succeed. On the contrary, offensive behavior will not only worsen the situation but also harm people’s social images, and therefore people should eliminate rude behaviors for their own good.

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