There are many different kinds of meat

Talking about food


A: How many kinds of meat are there?

B: Oh, there are many different kinds of meat.


there are many different kinds of meat

Is “many” an adjective in this sentence?

Thank you


I’m not good at this kind of thing but I’ll give it a try.

First remove the word different. It’s not needed and confuses things.
So you have many kinds of meat.

I think kinds of meat is a noun phrase and treated as a single noun. Many is an adjective that modifies the noun.

I said different is not needed.

Kinds of cars and different kinds of cars mean exactly the same thing.
Kinds of [something] always mean they are different in some way.

However, many different kinds is a very common way to say it. So even though different is not needed, it’s perfectly OK to say it that way.


Thank you so much, NearlyNapping :rose:

Very nice explanation.