'them' or 'theirs'?

Another question makes me need helping is:‘fill in the blank’:
‘‘Tom admired his friends Frank and John.He imitated …
A.every their action B.their every action
C.every action of them D.every action of theirs’’
In my opinion the answer should be C or B. But opposite to mine,the key is D.Help me please!Thanks in advance!
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It seems you may safely use ‘their every action’ without attracting any criticism except for exam purposes, where you stick to ‘d’ for marks.

Hi ,
The answer for this question is D . every action of theirs . Because “every” is not used following to a possessive adjective . This sentence is a usage of possessive adv
i think you should use a good grammar book . It may help you a lot ^-^

Hi Thang77
To me, the use of ‘their every’ in (B) sounds fine. In my opinion, that would also be grammatically correct. Perhaps a more commonly used sentence would be something like this: ‘She hung on his every word.’

However, the word ‘action’ sounds a little bit odd to me in the context. I’d prefer the word ‘move’.

Where did you get this fill in the blank question from?