The word for today is :- NERVOUSNESS.

Nervousness, the feeling you experience whenever something unusual occurs.

A telephone call in the middle of the night … will it be bad news ?.

The door bell being rang when you are not expecting anyone.

Beginning an important exam.

Being asked to stand up and sing at a party.

A purely normal reaction to facing circumstances that you wish you didn’t have to. It happens to us all, and I’m sure it happens to the guests who trawl through our boards, and wish they had the courage to ask a question, or worse still, answer one. Nerves get the better of you, and you think, " I’ll do it tomorrow. "

Even the very thought of making a Voice Recording fills some with dread.

PLEASE, don’t let nervousness put you off. You are being afforded EVERYTHING you crave to enhance your English language skills. That is why you are reading this

NOBODY cares if you make errors, because we are here to help you overcome them, and to help you to become better with every passing day. We have such wonderful facilities here, and they are all FREE.

Just register, log on, and say " Hello ", even if you spell it wrong. Make your presence felt. Meet the Moderators. Receive your FREE e-mail lessons. Improve daily.

Before very long you will begin to wonder why you were nervous at all.!!

KITOSDAD. ps. Your comments or questions are invited - Always.

I agree, well, I agree mostly with you.

After I finally got over myself and posted my voice recording, it took me a good while to settle down again.

Would I do it again?

I certainly will from time to time, and maybe the millstones in my stomach become smaller with each recording.