The window of viability

One of ‘my students’ gave a short presentation about ‘The Window of Viability’, a law or principle any system follows. For example, when you look at our current economic system, we have been putting emphasis on ‘efficiency’ thereby making the system less and less resilient and less and less sustainable. The Window of Viability also explains why we need to radically shift from a growth driven economy to a post-growth system.


Cool…That’s exactly behind the reason why so many people refuse Socialism, because simply it’s the other side of the diagram (extreme). Neither of those systems has worked and now is the proper time for the Equilibration System for the optimal balance!


Hello Dr.Salam, welcome to our forum and thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. Can you please elaborate on what exactly the ‘equilibration system’ is in connection with describing the socio-economic structure of a society? Have you coined the term yourself or have you read it somewhere?

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