The Whispering Grass.

Listen, listen to the grass,
It’s whispering to you.
Especially in the morning,
When it’s glistening with dew.
There’s a message that it’s telling you,
A message from each blade.
Recalling all the things you said,
The promises you made.
The things you said,
And didn’t mean.
You said them just the same,
For love was never real to you,
You saw it as a game.
But now your heart is broken,
The tables have been turned.
Now she’s turned away from you,
The one whose love you spurned.
Next time you listen to the grass,
Pay heed to what it says.
Or you will live a lonely life.
Alone, you’ll end your days.


Hi Bill,

What a great piece!

Perhaps you could write something about solace?

The meaning and definition of solace is to find comfort and to alleviate grief,
pain, and anger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Where do you turn for comfort
When everything’s gone wrong.
Who is it that you search for
The one for whom you long.
What can you do when they aren’t there
To help you with your pain.
Who is there now to shelter you
When you’re crying in the rain.
Friends can’t really find the words,
They know just how you feel.
They know we all will suffer this,
They know your grief is real.
Even though you know he loves you
As down your lonely road you plod,
You turn your eyes to Heaven above
And scream your rage at God.


Good morning Ski. Things have been worse, I’m sure, but I can’t remember when.

Great job, Kitosdad!
Both of these poems are wonderful! Miraculous words! It’s so simply and at the same time, you are saying the facts of life…

Thank you, Bill; I appreciate it. Yet another great work from you.

That’s interesting.