The verb 'add'

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Which verb do you use in English when you
are quoting and
you want to write what someone said
after having said something before? Is
the verb ‘add’ fine?

Example: (quoting my own words)

‘Would you mind helping me?’, I asked.
I then added: “The bus station, please?”.

By the way, I don?t know if the adverb “then”
is placed correctly there. SHould it be ‘then I

Thanks a lot!!


Hi Jesus,
I asked,“Would you mind helping me?” then (I) added
“The bus station, please?”.

Hi Jesus1,

The use of the verb add is acceptable as you have used it. You could also simply say: adding provided that the subject of the main verb and the participle adding is the same. As for the position of then, you can say: I then added or then I added. To me the first one sounds better.