The use of thus: 'Hold the wheel in both hands, thus'


Could you please explain to me the use of thus in the following sentence?

‘Hold the wheel in both hands, thus.’

I would appreciate if you could provide me with a couple more examples!


Hi Tom

Your sentence sounds like someone is giving verbal instructions to someone else. The word ‘thus’ means ‘in this manner’ or ‘in this fashion’ in the sentence. Therefore, the speaker is demonstrating how to hold wheel at the same moment that he/she says “thus”.

Does that answer your question?


A lot of thanks, Amy!

Could you please give me a few examples of the same sort?


The adverb ‘thus’ is rather formal, Tom.

To open the lock you put the key in the hole and turn it thus – so, like this, in this way.

Thus it happened that they quarreled; thus, if you want to get a good job you should study more – and so.