The use of commas in formal (informal) letters


Could you please help me understand the use of commas in formal and informal letters?

Dear Ms Amy[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

Wishing you all the best[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

Looking forward to a favorable response[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

Take care[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

See ya[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

Bye for now[color=red], (comma necessary or optional?)

Many, many thanks in advance


Hi Tom

Well, keep in mind that informal writing is inherently far more flexible than formal writing, and people simply won’t care very much whether you use a comma or not. So, the commas you’re asking about would all be optional in an informal letter.

The use of a comma after the salutation is still quite normal in formal American letters. Sometimes a colon is used in business letters. I’ve heard that the current trend in the UK is to omit the comma after the salutation, but I guess a Brit ought to confirm that for you.

I’d say that the use of a comma after your final closing phrase (the one right before your name) is also still standard for formal letter in the US.

Hi, Alan

Could I please know what your take is on my sentence?


Hi Tom,

In view of the frequent remarks about me and commas, I’ll go for total use of your commas.