the usage of the verb wish

Hi, Everybody!

Please, could you pick up the most natural and right sentence from the following group:

1.1 I wish he would be here. 1.2 I wish he were here

2.1 I wish he wouldn’t be leaving. 2.2 I wish he weren’t leaving

3.1 I wish he would have known it. 3.2 I wish he had known it

Any explanation of your choise would be highly appreciated

Thanks !

Both sentences are grammatically correct so you have to decide on the meaning.
For the first question, if someone told you that he would come, but he didn’t, then you probably say “I wish he would be here”. On the other hand if you think it is impossible for him to be here now, you say " Iwish he were here."
The other questions can be explained by this way, too. The difference is in the meaning.

Hi again, Lost soul,
For the second question; both are unreal situation for now and future;
Someone will be leaving in a short time and you say “I wish he wouldn’t be leaving.”
Someone is leaving now and you say “I wish he weren’t leaving.”

For the third question;both are unreal situations for past;
Someone would have known it if he had been taught, but he hadn’t been taught so he couldn’t know it and you say “I wish he would have known it.”
Someone didn’t know something you asked to him and you say “I wish he had known it.”

I hope this helps you get the idea of WISH.