the usage of "hang out"

can i say" i want to hang out with you" ?

and i mean to go somewhere with you .

“Hang out” doesn’t mean to go somewhere. It means not to go anywhere. So if you hang out with someone, it means that you’re not going anywhere at all – and you’re not going there together.

“Hang out” usually means something like socializing casually.

thank you jamie, by the way i might go to michigan the next year the state where you live . so it is nice to find you there helping me in english(-just a joke-)
thanks alot again

I think Jamie described only one possible meaning for ‘hang out’ in your sentence.

I think people also use ‘hang out’ to simply mean ‘spend time with’. If I said “Ben has been hanging out with Tim a lot lately”, that might possibly mean that Ben and Tim spend a lot of time together in one place, or it might mean that they spend a lot of time going places and doing things together.