The usage of Against vs With

Please look at the sentence below:
‘‘It is important to know what colours look good against your skin.’’
Does that sentence sound good? Does the preposition ‘‘against’’ have to be replaced with ''WITH"

Hi Duc,

‘Against your skin’ is rather impersonal and would be used more with ‘against the background/wall’ and so on. I would agree ‘with’ is better but I think ‘goes well with’ is perhaps even better.


I’d add that “against your skin” sounds better when used to talk about material that will come into contact with your skin.


‘‘It is important to know what materials feel good against your skin.’’

Thank you for your quick reply!

By the way,if you don’t mind Alan (a digression from this subject :D) can you tell me why the ‘‘profile column’’ (I don’t know how to translate this) is put to the right of the screen?