The usage: "I don't mind"

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Here it?s my question:

Can I use “I don?t mind” this way?

Imagine my brother tells me if I wouldn?t mind doing his school?s
exercices. I tell him he should do them by himself,
but he insists on it. And I say:

'That?s right. I don?t mind
because you?re my brother"

Is this sentence correct?

Or should I use an object after the verb ‘mind’?
“That?s right. I don?t mind “DOING THEM”
because you?re my brother”

Thanks a lot!

If you have mentioned the object in the conversation, then you do not have to repeat it. I don’t mind is sufficient.

Hi, how are you? Thanks a lot for your reply!

But I still have another question about the
usage of the verb mind.

I?ve always heard this verb used with the first person
of singular and plural but, for instance, what
about the second
person of singular (You) , and what about the
rest (He, You-plural, They?

The sentence I wrote yesterday was:

YOU don?t mind me throwing my clothes
on the floor.

I think it?s grammaticaly correct but
I haven?t heard that the verb mind goes
with other personal pronouns except
with ‘I’ and ‘we’. Is the sentence
correct then?

Thanks a million!


We don’t often know another person’s likes and dislikes, but in the appropriate context, [i]mind/i can be used with any person and number (keep in mind, however, that it rarely appears in affirmative statements):

Do you mind if I smoke?
My girlfriend doesn’t mind if I smoke.
I don’t mind if she smokes, either.
My girlfriend and I don’t mind if you smoke.
The Yankees don’t mind if the Red Sox lose

How right you are, Mr. Mic ! :lol:


Hello! How are you? Thanks a million!

I still have another question to ask:

Can I say ‘Do you mind me smoking?’ instead
of ‘Do you mind if I smoke?’. Has it got
the same meaning?

An answer to this question could be:

I don?t mind ?cause I love smoking.

Is that right?

Thanks again!


YOU don?t mind me throwing my clothes
on the floor.
This sentence I would change to
You don’t mind my throwing the clothes on the floor

They have the same meaning
But for me it’s better to say
Do you mind my smoking?