The trauma Russia has wrought

Hello, how popular do you think the past participle “wrought” is as used in the following sentence?

The trauma and misfortune Russia has wrought, unprovoked, on Ukraine is akin to those depicted in the tragedies of antiquity—advanced weapons such as drones and missiles notwithstanding.


Not popular at all in that form, at least not in AmR. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word with that meaning.

However, I might have used “wrought iron” before. For sure I’ve heard others use it.

Some dictionaries list the verb form as archaic, others don’t.


Not as popular.


I think it’s only used as a throwback. Here the writer is supporting the idea of the “tragedies of antiquities“.

The most famous use is:
“What hath God wrought?”
This is in the Bible, but more famously was the text used in the first public demonstration of the telegraph in America.

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