The tomb owner would have eaten (about ancient Egyptian)

Food was provided for the deceased and should the expected regular offerings of the descendants cease, food depicted on the walls of the tomb would be magically transformed to supply the needs of the dead. Images on tombs might include a triangular shaped piece of bread (part of the food offerings from a tomb). Other images might represent food items that the tomb owner would have eaten in his lifetime and hoped to eat in the after-life.

This is about ancient Egyptian.

If the tomb owner had been in his lifetime, he would have eaten the food items.
The food items which the tomb owner loved best.
Isn’t it?

Hi, floaratang. It’s a case of Subjunctive II(unreal) The sense is the following:
If he had been alive he would have written these food items.I agree with your assumptions.

Excuse me! written? why not eaten?

Oops, Floratang! I was writing fast and made a great typo :oops: Excuse me, please.