The table goes to the corner

I seem to have come across ‘to go’ in the context of arranging furniture in the room, but I’m not sure now. A situation: You’re moving into a new flat and your friends are helping you to bring in furniture. One of them is carrying a table and ask you where he should put it. You answer:

The table goes to the corner
The table goes opposite the door (meaning it will be staying opposite the door).

Are these sentences correct and idiomatic?

The use of ‘go’ in the context you suggest is perfectly acceptable. In your first sentence I would say: The table goes in the corner.


Thanks, Alan.
So, I have to use the preposition of place rather than direction, right?
Another example:

The sofa goes along this wall.

Is ‘along’ OK in this sentence?

Because a sofa is generally a long piece of furniture, that would work. ‘Bed’ and ‘table’ are also large items which would fit there. ‘Along’ would seem odd with some smaller pieces of furniture.

Thank you!