The straw that breaks the camel's back

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I have been taken a look at this idiom. I mean
I was fed up with him ?cause he was always
telling me he would give me that money but that never
happened. One day, after a long time, I went to a park.
He told me to go there ?cause he was going
to give that money to me definitely. After waiting
for an hour, two, even three hours, I had to
go away because he didn?t turn up. That was the
straw that breaks the camel?s back and…

My questions:

1.- I imagine I used correctly the idiom, Didn?t I?

2.- Well, is there another idiom that means the same?

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Hi Jesus1,

We usually say: That was the last straw a saying from the Bible. Other expressions could be: And that did it! That was enough! That was a step too far! That was the pink limit! That took the biscuit!


Another idiom similar in meaning is: That was the drop that filled/spilled the glass/cup. If you search for the phrase ‘that was the drop that’ in Google (don’t forget to open it with quotation marks), you’ll find many variations of the idiom. It’s amazing what a little drop can do: from tippling the scales or making the bucket flow to breaking the dam!

Hi Conchita,

Going to have to be brutally honest with you: is your use of tippling a pun or a typo?


:oops: and :lol:

That set me off laughing again. It was a typo, but why did I have to use precisely the word ‘tipple’?

My, what a blow to my reputation!

Hi! I am familiar with the phrase,“That was the last straw”, but I’m not sure I ever heard of “That was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.” Is this saying correct? Please give an example which uses this phrase or saying so I will know how to use it. Thanks.

‘That was the straw that broke the camel’s back’ is the age-old proverb from which the idiom ‘That was the last straw’ is derived:

Quoted from

Quoted from