The sound of shoe heels


I would like you to help me form this sentence! Is there any spicific term for the tic tic sound made by shoe heels?

1- She walked along the dark corridor

(now I want to write that the tic tic and steady sound of her heels was filling the corridor with a strange fear or eerie feeling etc)


Perhaps-- the tapping of her heels

or clicking


Yes, I like clicking too.


  • the clickety-clack
  • the clip-clop
  • the click-click(-click)
  • the clack-clack(-clack)
  • the click-click-clack
  • the click-clock-click-clock
  • the clacking
  • the clang
  • the tap-tap(-tap)
  • the clattering
  • the crunch-pop (?)