The shortage in housing has severe social consequences in big cities.

[color=red]This essay was written by nancy.

Please kitos I have some questions about nancy‘s essay

The shortage in housing has severe social consequences in big cities. Only governments can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

As the world’s population increases, the demand for households is also on the rise, which in turn leads to insufficient housing. Some say only the leaders of the countries can tackle this problem, while others suggest that there are other individuals and companies that can help with such difficulty. In this essay, I will examine the two sides and state what I think personally.

It cannot be denied that governments play a vital role in many of our lives, especially when we encounter problems that we cannot solve by ourselves. For example, when the population of a country rises, normally it is driven by immigration and higher birth rates, which can be traced back to certain policies that the government has taken. Therefore, if the government sets specific rules trying to control the number of residents, it would undoubtedly change the situation. Another reason for the lack of enough properties is the increase in the number of one person households. This is often due to factors such as divorce rates, ageing population and teenagers leaving home earlier. Consequently, the government should limit the number of houses one single person could own.

On the other hand, under particular circumstances, falling house prices and temporary collapses in house building can cause housing supplies to be less than housing demands in the long term. Such common condition can be fixed by house agencies, trying not to lower the value of existing home prices too much. As a result, buyers will consider more deeply before making the decision on buying the house.
In my opinion, there are numerous ways that could help with the shortage in housing. Thus, being the most powerful group of a nation, governments and local authorities certainly can help the most to address this problem.

[color=darkblue]Actually, I got the same subject in my IELTS exam which was set in 15.05.2010.

But unfortunately, I did not write about severe social consequences as you did here. I am afraid that this might affect my score.

You know in IELTS they are very strict on each part of the question.

In the same time you have to write with and against the subject as you did, but my against writing was that :-

Some people believe that houses exploit huge amount of lands, and they can live in other types of accommodation for instance, flats and compensate the house by building other necessary needs like factories, companies which are more beneficial.

To summarize instead of writing that not only government can tackle this shortage, people or individuals can also solve it.
I flop over the topic ( I thought that to what extend do you agree or disagree was related to the first first part of the question. I wrote about other types of accommodations which can compensate the shortage of housing.

Please kitos and Nancy what do you think about these mistakes?

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Good morning Sam, the theme of the topic was, “Only governments can solve this problem.”
You were being asked your opinion regarding actions the government should be taking to answer the problem of insufficient housing. You didn’t necessarily need to state any opposition against the governments action or offer any support either.
Nancy decided to give for and against opinions, which were well stated, but as long as you stated your opinions regarding government action I don’t see any need for you to be upset.
Perhaps Nancy has a different response to your question.

Ok thanks you Mr.kitosdad, really I appreciate your help.

But unfortunately, I did not write about [color=darkblue]severe social consequences as nancy did here. I am afraid that this might affect my score.
For example, the consequences might be employees preformance would be lower, and affect their healths, as well as they will become furious.
You know in IELTS they are very strict on each part of the question.

Well Sam, as I have often said, you must assure yourself that you know exactly what is being asked of you in the test before you start writing. You obviously had concerns about the topic.
That again is why I stress the importance of not only reading, but reading and UNDERSTANDING what has been written. I’ve written this advice umpteen times to students.

Ok kitos

Thank you very much, you are very helpful.

Sam :-)) Don’t be worrying. It may all be in your own imagination. If you have written well, and used good grammar, you will get through. Examiners are not robots my friend. They understand the pressures you are under during taking the exam.

Kitos I swear god that I have not ever met a kind person like you , really you ease my fears about the exam.

God bless you.

I thinks the same mistake nancy commit.he also did not write about[color=red] severe social conseqences, he just wrote about the reasons of this shortage( birth rates, divorce rates, and ageing population).

I hope both of us will achieve an excellent score.