The Shirt

Let me cut in!

Help me with this exercise relate to comparison!
“The shirt is …that one.”
A. much far expensive than
B. as much expensive as
C. a bit less expensive
D. not nearly as expensive as.

Help me choose an answer and explain why the others can not be chosen!
My gratefulness!

Do not cut in. Instead, start a new thread when you have a new topic. I have split your post off from that thread, which has taken more of my time.

Now: First, which answer do you choose, Frenzyduonga, and why?

Thanks for your helping!

My answer is D, I think there is no grammar mistake here. but key is C,

You are right: both C and D are good answers. The real problem is with the original sentence, which would be much more natural with ‘this’ instead of ‘the’.

C is incorrect unless you have omitted a word from the original text. It does not contain ‘than’ which is needed here.
D is the only correct answer.

Yipes! Right you are, BN. I read right over an imaginary ‘than’.

This shirt is a bit less expensive than that one.

I guessed as much. The brain fills in what the eyes don’t see sometimes.