The SAT prep forum


It just struck me that the SAT prep forum lacks moderators. Why is this?


Hi Englishuser,

The SAT forum is one of the projects we are developing. What is your connection to the SAT? What do you think would make a good moderator of a SAT forum?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten,

I must admit that I don’t really have any connection to the SAT (as I’m not an American high school student or teacher), but I do find the forum interesting as it sometimes deals with the English section in the SAT exam. (Please see the question I’ve posted in the “What would you like to talk about?”-section.)

As far as moderators are concerned, I think that anyone who knows the rules of the forum, is sincere and (preferably) familiar with the SAT would be a good moderator for the forum. Unfortunately I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to what sort of duties moderators have on this website, but I would assume that an important part of a moderator’s role is to ensure that material published on the site is appropriate.

Hi Englishuser,

Many thanks for pointing out the situation with the SAT forum. Amy will be monitoring the activities there and she will also answer questions.

In addition we will speak to Jamie because he too has a lot of SAT experience under his belt.

Please do continue to share your ideas on any of the topics here.


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