The Redesigned TOEIC Test

Well people, the TOEIC will change before the end of this year. There are several changes to the format which can all be seen on the ETS website.

The “find the incorrect word” questions will now become a thing of the past, something I feel personally is a mistake. However, so it is, but remember, this type of training is very useful and you should still do as it can improve your English in other areas.

Reading will become more important in the test as there will now be a double passage section that requires you to read two documents before answering questions. Additionally, there is now a part that requires you to complete a text compilation by answering two or three questions.

One important change that is worth thinking about and definitely worth practicing is the answering questions part. In the redesigned TOEIC you will now be required to answer three questions while two people are talking. There will be no pause and no time to give your answers. This part of the test will require practice if you are not to be disadvantaged by the new format.

If you would like to experience the new question formats, visit us at

If you have any questions about the new format, post them here and I will try to answer them.

TOEIC administrator.

Hi Rob!

I’m preparing my TOEIC test but I’m doing old ones. Could you explain a bit more the “double passage section”?

And in listenning section, are you sure there is no pause between conversations to answer the questions? I have not red anything about this in the “Examinne handbook”.

Thank you very much!


Hi Mario

Sorry for the delay.

We have had not telephone or internet until today, because we were in the middle of moving into larger offices.

The double passage section has two documents (texts) for you to read and understand. The questions asked then require you to either search for the answers in both documents, or are based upon some combined information from each.

In the new listening section, you will hear a conversation and then you will be asked three questions. The time you have to answer the questions is very short. You should really practice this.

For all people doing the TOEIC test and I suppose any test, it is very important not to be disadvantaged by the questions and their delivery. With our website at or, we give you the questions in the same format as the real test. Just getting accustomed to the questions can improve your score without any need to learn more. (I have found by at least 15%)

So often we hear students say “if we had understood the format of the questions, we could have done better” and to be honest, after watching people doing the test, I can understand this comment. I see so many getting confused and making mistakes just because they did not understand the question format or needed time to get accustomed to the questions – e.g. Nothing to do with English !!


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