The qualities of good parents

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Topic: What are some of the qualities of good parent? Use specific details and examples to explain your answer.

As you know, parenting is a long journey that requires a lot of patience and understanding, and there is no perfect formula for what makes a good parent. While some parents follow parenting techniques in textbooks, others rely on their own instincts to make decisions and handle their children’s behavior. In my opinion, there are three qualities of a good parent to cultivate.

First and foremost, a quality of a good parent is communicating genuinely and clearly with their children. Communication is a broad range of interest, explaining the rules and their consequences, listening to them with your full attention and more. Your body language talks to your child more or more than your actual words. Regardless of what you are doing, including discipline, your communication should tell children that you value them.

Secondly, in order to be a good parent, they need to have a sense of humor. Parents with a sense of humor are the most popular adults in the block. It is no wonder why their kids like to bring friends home. Good humor encourages open and restless dialogue in families and provides relief from the stresses of life. Most importantly, it makes family time more fun. In contrast, humor exaggerates worries and burdens, and causes undue anxiety in young people. Parents should hold their humor and give their children a cheerful and happy spirit.

Finally, a quality of a good parent is love. Without love, the two qualities above are not the point. With love, parents will see these qualities come naturally. It has a love for parents that will persevere through difficult times and find patience and understanding to communicate with children. It is through love that beliefs are built and life is changed for the better.

To sum up briefly, parenting is a tough road, but it’s worth it to watch their kids grow into amazing people. Children grow up their parents and their qualities affect children’s future life.


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