The qualities of a good supervisor

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Topic: What are some important qualities of a good supervisor (boss)? Use specific details and examples to explain why these qualities are important.

In the daily life, we all know when we have a good supervisor, but it can be quite difficult to actually state what makes a good supervisor good. Is it to do with their personality, their insight, intelligence, reasoning, or their personal beliefs, morals and values? Is it a mix of all these things, and do certain characteristics apply more than others? As we sit to think about this daunting question, the first thing we should appreciate is that there are a huge amount of traits that need to be considered. In my point of view, there are three conspicuous aspects of the qualities of a good supervisor.

First of all, the most important quality of a good supervisor is to have interactive communication skills. Without an ability to make your desires clear, your employees won’t know how to accomplish the tasks you delegate. Equally important is understanding and incorporating employee feedback. A good supervisor interacts effectively with her employees, maintaining open lines of communication to ensure she stays informed about project progress and brewing problems.

Secondly, the quality of a good supervisor is to be flexibility when possible. No single approach to management works in every situation. Rather, a good supervisor chooses tactics based on the situation. For example, as a deadline nears, you might adopt a hard - line approach to ensure the work gets done. But your employees can’t operate at full-speed perpetually, so adopt a more relaxed approach during downtime between projects. This gives employees time to recover their strength.

Finally, the quality of a good supervisor is to have a positive attitude. Supervisors who come to work with a positive attitude make the office environment a great place to be. They use this attitude when solving problems, so the issues don’t loom as large as they might. And positive attitudes are contagious. People tend to take on the attitude of their environment, and being positive is a good one to assume.

To sum up briefly, it might be said that the supervisor’s personal qualities are the fundamental factors of a company’s good work and activity. Consequently success smiles only those companies that have a good, wise and intellectual supervisor.


The supervisor’s quality should be examined by the company by way of interview before joining the company since they are considered as good employee and their qualities should be examined by the Employer before appointment. Their performance will be found in the test (Interview).