The qualities of a good neighbor

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Nowadays, there are a great number of movies, such as “Duplex” about angry neighbors who do everything in order to make the life of the hero unbearable. Indeed, some of the people suffer from their impolite neighbors who live next door. Fortunately, I have one of the best neighbor due to the fact that he always proposes his help if I need some, and he does not mind to have fun.

First of all, a good neighbor is always ready to help you when you are under the hatches. For example, when we had some trouble with the moving to another house, our neighbor was trying to do his best to help us. He arranged drivers with all needed equipment in order to move our belongings in the other place. He also was taking a part in gathering all our things into boxes. Moreover, when we were choosing a new place of living in our town, being a realtor he gave some good pieces of advice. If we had not had our kind Mr. Pitt, most probably, we would not have handled that removal.

Secondly, good neighbors are those who spend a great deal of time with you, trying make you smile. For instance, Sam is my best friend and my neighbor since we have lived in our new house. Whereas we reside very close to each other, we always spend our free time together attending parties, hanging out and playing football. Moreover, sometimes he helps me with my homework. In time when I am too tired and lazy to go out, he brings me a fresh movie and we watch it together, lying in the couch with a bottle of cold “Coca-Cola”. He makes me smile and feel happy.

Summing up the above qualities, we may draw the conclusion that in spite of the fact that there is a great quantity of good-for-nothing neighbors, who do not take part in lives of the nearby people, I am that lucky one who has the best neighbors in the whole world. I strongly believe that good neighbors are those who can offer their help anytime, and who can cheer you up and make you smile.

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I think that this essay was disgusting :stuck_out_tongue: i see my mistakes. thanks!

At least you see them Kate, many don’t. :slight_smile: