The President I admire most.

I don’t like people much and vice versa.

I hate bribery and corruption.

I can easily be corrupted by girls, but not by gold and money at all.

Taking money from people as a government servant is Pimping I do believe.

I do admire this president for his true and firm principle. Not for his doctorates.

Doctorates can be bought or given free?

I still recall his arrival and departure at his presidential place, only with a very tiny suitcase holding in his arms.

Do we have the one like him here in my Jungle throughout the history?

In your eternal dreams.

“I inherited honesty and self-discipline from my father; from my mother, I inherited faith in goodness and deep kindness as did my three brothers and sisters.”
—A quote from Kalam’s autobiography

I don’t care whether he’s a capable president, I do admire his model honesty.

You know why, once a president isn’t corrupt, he Don’t have to shout poverty alleviation or this and that or these and those. And doing things 'Charade.

Oh, this president , Putin and me are all Libra men.

We are same same. Why didn’t I become a president?

Simple enough, I hate riding limos. I only love riding girls.

Tastes are different?

Try your EI a bit?

What does the look on Putin’s face mean here?

If your view hits me, I’ll send you a gold Rolex, as usual.

Have fun.

They say, left eye reveals inner mind and right the outer.

I donch know.

By they way, my father is an incorruptible medical doctor and my mother is an incorruptible housewife.

Me? I’m an incorruptible womanizer, yah lah.

We are not rich or poor. But we Don’t care people much. And we don’t have to.

Simple enough we Only take pride in Honesty.

When 99 of them are corrupt like pimps.


Oh, try your EI a bit.

Is the boy in the photo is dumb enough for you?

They say that boy Did 230 plus girls in his womanizing and chickening sprees, u n b e l i e v a b l e?

He claims himself as Genghis Khan’s great great great great great great grand son.

Oh, my.