The phrasal verb 'Pull out' and Think versus Believe

Hi! I am afraid I adore asking!

My questions:

1.- Can I use the phrasal verb ?pull out?

in the following imperative to mean
‘take your heart out
of your body!’?

E.X Pull your heart out!

I am a little bit confused between pull out
and pull up.

2.- believe versus think. I know what they mean
but sometimes I hesitate which one to choose.
They are so similar!

My examples are:

a.- A deathly silence makes me think/believe
there?s no life in this kind of prison
where I live.

b.- The way you look at me makes me
think/believe you?re telling a lie.

Thanks a lot!



Yes, in a figurative sense you may say so.

1-You may pull my heart out from my body and see it is full of love for you.


Hi Jes?s

The words think and believe would be interchangeable in your sentences. Using believe might indicate a stronger conviction.