The origin of the word "tight" being used to say something is...

I here the kids in the area all using the word “tight” to describe everything they like. Does someone know where this usage comes from?

I am not sure, but possibly,

  1. sleep tight
  2. be tight with one another.

A tight fellow! - I know this expression is used to praise or approve somebody.

In which area?

And the area is Citrus Heights, California. By Sacramento. … D=88414136

You’re right. I guess it means “cool”, or similar. I wonder what “That’s legit as f*ck” (same page) means?

The word “FCK" is the most diversive word in the english language. If you really think about it, you can use that word in every way possible. As a noun, verb, adjective- you name it! One could say "Daaammmnn, that’s tight as fck!” and be understood by the other young people around them. Maybe “tight” is the “legit” of today, eh?
But I still really want to know where using “tight” this way started.
Have any theories of your own?

But I still really want to know where using “tight” this way started.
Have any theories of your own?

Maybe it’s based on one of these uses of “sound”:

adjective: free from moral defect (Example: “A man of sound character”)
adjective: financially secure and safe (Example: “Sound investments”)
adjective: in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay (Example: “A sound timber”)
adjective: thorough (Example: “A sound thrashing”)
adjective: having legal efficacy or force (Example: “A sound title to the property”)
adjective: reflects weight of sound argument or evidence (Example: “A sound argument”)
adjective: in excellent physical condition (Example: “A sound mind in a sound body”)
adjective: (of sleep) deep and complete (Example: “A sound sleeper”)
adjective: exercising or showing good judgment (Example: “A sound approach to the problem”)
adverb: deeply or completely (Example: “Slept soundly through the storm”)

It probably comes from one or both of two sources:

  1. Pornographic language: a tight vagina

  2. Music slang: When a group of musicians plays together in a well-coordinated way, so that they do everything on cue without even really having to practice, they are called “tight”.

Considering how much obscenity kids are exposed to on TV, in rap music and in other places now, I think the pornographic source is the most likely, although if that’s the origin, the kids probably won’t know it.

Sounds like an unlikely connection.

There you go with your ignorance of the culture again.

How did your knowledge of Citrus Heights culture lead you to the “vagina” conclusion?

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately my own theory has always been what we will now call the “vagina” theory. Sad statement but true. I have a 5 year old son and we have 8 boys between the ages of 4-8 years old as our neighbors and friends. And when I heard my son say “Daddy look! Thats tight!” it bothered me, so I asked him not to use that expression anymore. When his friends were at our house recently they asked me why my son was not allowed to say “tight”. Not feeling comfortable explaining exactly why I said “I do not like my son using street slang without knowing where it comes from, its true meaning and how to use it properly. Using words you dont understand in the wrong circles can not only get you in trouble but can even get you hurt.” I then left the room before they could start pelting me with more questions. To make sure I was making the right decision, I went searching for someone to validate what I know to be true from my own life experience without actually asking the question. Its really a shame that such a disgusting expression can sneak into our childrens vocabulary and our homes. Three of my sons friends are brothers and they live in a strict Christian home, attend private schools, do not own a video game console, watch only select television shows, and have only supervised computer access. Yet they use this expression regularly. If their parents new the root of the expression they would surely freak!
Thanks again for your time. I love the internet!!!


“Hearing only what you want to hear, knowing only what you,ve heard”

Quote- Great poet of the late twentieth century,
James Hetfield

Did you use slang when you were young, Mace?

And I wouldn’t worry too much about the origin of a lot of slang, Mace. Most people who use such slang are unaware of the origins of such. So, saying “tight”, for many people, has the same meaning as saying “cool” has for others, for example. No longer to do with virgins, vaginas and restriction, IMO.

Here in Spain, many speakers from all walks of life use the word “conio” all the time, and without any intended reference to its origin. Not one person I know relates it to its origin when it’s said to them.

Sure, kids use slang. And sure, parents can say “that’s not acceptable in this house.”

Once I told my 9-year-old daughter was “schmuck” meant, she didn’t want to use it either. (Probably it would have made a 9-year-old boy use it even more.)

Wow, I thought this may continue to be fun but from your condesending comments and obvious ignorance of this particular subject and/or American modern culture, you should probably keep your comments for other selfimportant knowitalls like yourself.

And dont worry, I will continue to worry about what comes out of my sons mouth as well as what he hears because that is my responsibility as a father.

Adios Seniora,


“Hearing only what you want to hear, knowing only what you’ve heard.”

A lot of obscenity of that type has entered kids’ slang. When some kids like something, they say it’s “pimp”. My friends had to get their daughter broken of that habit.

Another example is the now near universal use of the word “suck” to register disapproval. It’s actually an abbreviation of an older expression that’s both obscene and horridly racist, and every time I hear someone use the word that way, the whole expression plays in my head.

It takes real vigilance to keep your kids from saying things like that, because so much of American culture has been pornified since the 1960s, and now even supposedly “family” shows and movies have some kind of explicit or implied obscenity in them.

In what way were my comments condescending, Mace? You seemed worried about your kids and I, as mother, wanted to offer a few words of friendly advice.

But as you took it the wrong way, can I ask if you would allow your kids to say such things as this to a complete stranger?

You don’t know me from Adam, and yet you allow yourself to be so rude. Why?

You were condescending toward her, as you often are to people. You also condescendingly indicated to her that obscene language isn’t bad for kids, using as an example the fact that many people in Spain use an obscene word for a vagina in their daily speech.

People examine the forum before they post. They can’t open one single thread without seeing posts in which you are trying to antagonize someone, and then pleading innocence when it’s pointed out. Basically, people know a lot about you, even before the first time they post.

Now stop antagonizing her.

Jamie, I think it’s time for a “whatever”.

If someone says “I’m awfully worried about…” and another person says “I wouldn’t worry if I were you”, is the second speaker being condesceding? Not in Nigeria, at least. We normally welcome such concern and assurance, even from strangers. Are people in the US more paranoid regarding friendly advice? Do you hear “I don’t need you help, thank you very much” often?

This gets more and more hilarious, Jamie. You’re doing YOUR “she does it much more than I do” routine again. If winning Brownie points with “new” members is your thing, well just go for it. I can weather the storm.

Who’s “her”?

And how’s this for condescending posting?