The most memorable challenge


I’m Phuong, Quang’s sister, would you mind helping me correct the mistakes in my speaking? Thank you very much.

Topic: What is the most memorable challenge you faced and how did you over come that challenge? … sp=sharing


Hi Phuong, your answer was not bad, but I don’t think you did a good enough job explaining how you overcame the challenge. There were quite a few pauses near the end and I think that is why you ran out of time before you could fully discuss your answer. Your pronunciation was pretty understandable in this one, though your intonation is still a bit “robotic”, with some unnecessary pauses. You also had a lot of trouble with your past tense. Here are some other details:

-> challenge I faced in my life was when I got a bad score
-> at that time I felt very sad, worried, and wanted to give up
and face to it -> and face it
-> after that, I did more math exercises