The meaning of this short paragraph, please

Would you please tell me what is the meaning of this short paragraph here :point_right:t2:"So either I’ll get more frustrated, I’ll think we’ll be damned if I am going to set here and have it go that way. And then they are mobilized and they do sth or sadness comes stronger and then they figure out what is that you know that action are just being stronger . then what will they do from that perspective? Or maybe ot will turn into some other completely different. but that is the essence here is, if we can wake up to what our habitual patterns are as therapists, as parents, as people and you can catch it. And then with real attention not do you usual".

Thank you so much :bouquet:

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That woman really needs to learn to talk. She needs to take a class in public speaking and get rid of some of her bad habits.

Anyway, she is talking about the same thing she’s talked about throughout the lecture. In the last few sentences she is talking about acting “habitually” - meaning acting out of habit and doing things without thinking about the consequences. She’s saying this is what people need to change in their lives, and in their relationships with others.

She said something to another person without thinking about the consequences. The other person reacted to it. She says “And then they are mobilized”. This is not a common way of saying it, but I understand what she means. She means that they reacted to what she did, but more than that. They’ve “mobilized” and gone on the offensive. They are not sitting back and ignoring what she did. They are ready for a full blown argument. She uses the word “stronger” twice. She’s talking about a strong reaction.

In other parts of the lecture she talked about emotional reactions. In this part she is talking about a stronger reaction that is not just emotional.

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