The meaning of "quite" is...

Please read this conversation:

A: So, tell me about the movie.
B: Oh, it’s one of those cowboy stories. The usual thing. A cowboy rides into town on his horse, cleans up the town, and rides out with the girl.
A: Sounds like quite a story.
B: Yeah, really.

The meaning of “quite” is: …

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Van Khanh Tran Dinh

Quite a = it is used to indicate that something is unusual.

1= We had quite a party.(unusual sort of a party)

In your context, the listener finds the story unusual/ strange.


Hi Van Khanh Tran Dinh, Hi Tom :wink:

Usually it would mean that the story was very (quite) interesting or unusual, BUT, in the context, I think the speaker was being sarcastic and meant exactly the opposite. In other words, it was a very unoriginal or ordinary story.

In either case:
quite = very