The meaning of "gag gift" and "sailor blush"

Dear teachers,

Could you please help me understand the meaning of the following two word combinations (and the whole extract as well). As for as I understand it is a kind of advertisement, promoting unusual presents (fun thongs, racy present cards etc.). But what is the meaning of “gag gift” and " sailor blush".

Thank you in advance.

“Gear up for those hot nights of club-hopping or daytime playtime with some hot and sexy gear. Got a hot date? Pick out some fun thongs or boxers with a surprise message. Find the perfect GAG GIFT for bachelor (ette) parties, racy birthday cards or just make your favorite SAILOR BLUSH.”

Sorry, It the content of the extract is indecent. It is only because I don’t understand it.

Could you help me, please.

Does the phrase “to make your favorite sailor blush” mean to make the sailor turn red?

Thank you for your help very much.

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