The main purpose of TV program is education rather than entertainment

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Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
The main purpose of TV program is education rather than entertainment.
Give specific examples and reasons to support your position

After the TV set became prevalent, the diversity of programs is more and more colorful. The majority of those programs are educational, or just entertain us? From my perspective, the latter one is the primary purpose of TV program to be conducted. My reasons will cast light on my standpoint as follows.

First of all, when we watch TV, we can easily find out that the amusing type of programs overwhelm the educational ones with quantities. There are abundant of the amusing programs, soap opera, comedy, a variety of shows and so on. They occupy the most of time on the screen in nearly all channel. And at the golden show time every day, the entertainment ones are surely on the screen. If the channel brings a seriously educational program to the audience, the watching rate will be drawn down. Admittedly, there are some outstanding educational programs attracting a large audience, for example, the discovery. As a matter of fact, the number of this sort of program is too small to beat the recreational ones.

In addition, the main purpose of people to watch TV is relaxed and relieves themselves from pressure of work or study. After they work for a whole stressful day and get home, people prefer to sit on their couch and chose the program that can help them leave their pressure aside. For example, the comedies make them laughing; the soup operas display the familiar life story for them, and need not much thinking; games lead them to discharge our emotion spontaneous; the various shows can make them relax with the music and performance. In this way, when the program comes to an end, people can be fresh again.

Last but not least, the original aim of TV to be invented is identical as that of the movie, namely make people’s life more interesting and colorful. Be consequent, it is essential for TV program to be recreation.

To sum up, The TV programs are mostly compiled to entertain people according to the audience’s expectation and the target of TV’s innovation. And, in fact, the entertainment ones hold an extremely big share among all the programs.

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