The lonely old lady.

Sitting alone in her stark, lonely room
She stares into space, ignoring the gloom.
The gloom that surrounds her, wherever she looks
She hopes to find comfort in her many books.
But comfort evades her, it’s not to be found
Only the silence, not even a sound.

Oh how she wishes that someone would call
Even if only the girl down the hall.
The girl with the children, but she’s moved away.
Gone back to her husband, who beat her each day.
Again she has no-one to whom she can talk,
Her legs are too frail to go out for a walk.
It’s months since she ventured alone down the lane
So she sits there all day, alone with her pain.

She thinks of the time when life was so free,
Surrounded by friends and her young family.
She never dreamed she’d be all alone
Nobody to write to, nobody to phone.
But time, as always, marches on, so it seems
And another old lady is left with her dreams.
Dreams of the past that she relives every day
Dreams that are slowly fading away.
Until in the end there is nothing but space
And she dies in her chair with a tear-stained face.


Not as abrupt as the guy dying at the wheel but sticking with the death theme I see Bill.

The old lady who was my downstairs-neighbour and one of my mother’s friend, waited every day, with the door unlocked, for somebody, to open her door.
She didn’t wait for her daughter who had tried to leave her in a home for old people. She waited for her sister and for us, a few neighbours.

Till one day two months ago, when she had to go. I know for sure that she didn’t want to.
I can see her telling me, with a joyful face: “I won’t ever die, know that I won’t! I can’t go anywhere, I’ll stay here with you for ever! Don’t forget to come see me! I’m here!”
Her feet were sore but she rarely complained; her heart was broken for her son who had died last year and for her daughter who didn’t love her, for her beloved husband who had died many years ago, but she still thought that life was worth living. She was optimistic and joyful - it was her nature.

Now I go down the stairs, by her quiet door, and each time I think of her with the sadness of losing someone dear and with the regret that I didn’t do more.
There’s too much silence beyond that door.

You pair are friggin [size=150]“Killinnnn”[/size] me!!! :slight_smile:

Sometimes we can’t stop the tears.
Beautiful song!

hahaha what a mess… I can’t use this recorder, but i’m sure furom are the cause not my labtob hahah

You’re right, Jamilion.
I’ve just tried to record a voice message to tell you what to do, but I installed Java 8 version 51 (my laptop has Windows 8.1 now) and it still doesn’t work.

I reinstalled Jawa 8.1 version 51.

There must be something I do wrong.
When I want to start recording, the message I get is:
This plugin is not supported.
Does anybody know why?