The language of understanding


It’s great when you find that someone says they understand what you have explained to them. It gives you a good feeling inside. I experience that on occasion on this site. Let me tell you more:


Good evening!:slight_smile:

“Thats all as clear as a daylight" "Thats all as clear as a mud” Tomorrow at the beginning of the lesson I will teach my pupils these two wonderful expressions. And by the end of the lesson make them to finish my sentence “Everything was as clear as a…” :wink:

See you,
not completely self-confident English teacher Dina :wink:

Hi Dina,

Glad you liked the expressions. By the way what’s happening about your recording? Just curious! I’d love to be in your class on Monday morning.


Hi Alan, :slight_smile:

I will not finish my recording before the 10th of June, as the person who understands the computer language absent in our City ;-). Although I wish to listen to your comments as soon as possible, the time gives me the possibility to improve my English and I hope to get the more positive comments. :slight_smile:

By the way on Monday morning the pupils answered daylight!


I enjoyed reading your essay as well as learned new vocabulary and expressions.

Best regards,


I enjoy the way you teach, I read your message and I understood almost a 90%. I think is just because (that clear as day light)

Thanks very much sir

i have to face many problem in speaking . please sir tell me how to remore it . . ont thing i want to know that where do u live, sir ?

Hi Alan,

Today’s lesson was exceptionally useful as we the non-native speakers are often at a loss of response. I would be very grateful if we could have a few more lessons on responses to everday statements - even to greetings.


hello every one learning english skills…after dat i want to improve my language so still im feeling problem speaking…
so please every one ,has info to improve my english…tell me…

thanks sir…

hi , its great to completly understand what somebody talk to you . some people when they listen say mm ,but thanks alot because you told me right expression or proper word , like argument speaker ,iam not quite with you or i see , ihave got the message , idea,etc ,Oh yes thank you it’s all as clear as mud.
but ther are some people when thay are talking confuse me , they dont speak as well and dont let you talk with them when they are some times wrong , intrupet many times.
i belive that the good speaker is good listener , see you and thanks alot.

hi prof Alan ,it is the first time i have ever never listen to some of these ostensibly attractive expressions and idioms and i have a single hope that these expressions are academic responses to certain situations but i wanna the spoken and academic and their abbs.Last but not the least u do a good and wonderful job,extremely beneficial.Finally i ask u to specify a lesson to learn how to use punctuation marks correctly and accurately.God may shower His mercy on u.

The Language of Understanding.
Oh, very fine. I enjoyed it. It’s as clear as daylight.

thanks you so much for sending informative mails.i really like and learn from that. very good essays

thanks you prof Alan.I enjoyed it


Hi Alan , thank you very much for your active following up and great efforts in education of the participants, in fact, I print each essay I receive from you and the and read it well at home and I see, I am getting better & better with time and love this way in education inspite of my busy work, thank you very much
Sumer Salman

Thank you for teaching us. You are the best teacher. Alan, you must be a good person and a nice man. I love your teaching. My English is improved a lot thanks to your lessons.

Thank you for teaching us English. I want to say that my English is improved a lot thanks to your lessons. It is always fun and interesting.


First, I registered in ‘english-test’ nearly two years ago, but I’ve never post in the forum before.I’d like to say that I benefit a lot from the lessons you send since then.

I would like to thank you also very much for this lesson.It is very helpful to learn to express your ideas and opinions using idioms and fixed expressions rather than saying it directly. Some of these expressions are totally new to me such as “I’ve got the general drift” and “The penny’s dropped”. I think they well be of much help especially in linguistics courses where it takes me less than 10 minutes ‘to get lost’( hopefully this is the right way to express that).



I like learn by online of every thing that English language so I read lesson online everyday
Thank for reading my write hand

how are teacher ok thank yuo for ever small english I hope every mach in the naxt