The Internet (If be asked about what is the most significant invention in 21...)

If be asked about what is the most significant invention in 21century ,I will answer computer without thinking. I just can not imagine what our life will be like if computers suddenly disappear one day ! Speaking of computers ,the Internet will come to our mind naturally as they are closely linked with each other. Unprecedented convenience and efficiency are brought about by the Internet and it has radically changed our lifestyles .I will list all the advantages of the Internet in the following passage.

There is no doubt about the fact that the Internet makes it possible to access a amount of information in several seconds ,which can save people plenty of time that is the most precious resource .Take my aunt as a example, one day ,my aunt, who has been pregnant for six months, caught a bad cold .She wanted to take medicine for her cold but wondered whether the medicine will do harm to the baby. She turned on the computer, went online and searched for the information on the safety of the cold medicine .After that ,she made a right decision .There is a growing awareness of the fact that the Internet is more and more vital in our life .Nowadays ,all the organizations and departments, to a large extent ,depend on the Internet. Like branch banks utilize the Internet to report their data to the Head Office; police offices type all the information about criminals into the Internet to share with public people so that they can catch criminals as soon as possible .

Anther point I would like to mention is that the Internet provides more choices to spend our spare time .Compared with the past ,nowadays we can play all kinds of online games and listen to various online songs ,rather than take watching TV as the only entertainment .In my case ,when I am free from school ,I prefer to visit the websites like Taobao,Maobu and Tianyan .Usually ,there are a large number of fashion clothes on the online shop of Taobao , I am indulged in browsing them. Once I find out my favorite clothes ,I can purchase them online by Internet Banks .As it is known to all that prices of online commodities are much cheaper than them on real shops .So ,buying clothes online can not only enrich our life but also save our money .

Every coin has two sides ,the Internet is no exception .Some people may hold a strong negative attitude towards the Internet ,base on the idea that the Internet could isolate people from others. But in my opinion , the advantages of the Internet carry more weight than its shortcomings ,so let us embrace it .

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