The impact of advertisting on our behaviour

In today’s world, on all TV channels people can be advertisements which give information concerning a product.with technological development, advertising undergone considerable changes. Now ,it is more colurful ,attractive and fun thanks to technology.Although most people think that advertising is beneficial for people,I believe that it has a lot of negative aspects.

To start with,one main drawback of advertisements is that they generally mislead people. The purpose of advertisements is just to provide to costume the product.Therefore,most information is not given in advertisements.They consist of the information which involve the positive aspects of product features.Consequently customers may be at a disadvantage when they buy these products.

Another negative aspects of advertisements is that they can increase the cost of goods.There are a lot of ways to establish an advertisements.Advertisers want to make the most attractive and colorful advertisement.Thus,they use technology to make the best.Of course making the best is very expensive all time.Manufacturers who have make the best advertisements are required to raise the price of commodity to afford the cost of advertisement.As a result,customers have to spend more money on shopping due to the advertisements with high cost.

On the other hand,there are some people who are propenents of advertising.These people claim that consumers can learn concerning goods in the global market.Although they are right,they miss one point in this issue.Due to the advertisements,many people buy goods which they do not need actually.they spend a lot of money without reason and they take on heavy economic burden.

All things considered,the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that advertisements enact a very significant role to sell goods for manufacturers.The downsides of advertisements outweigh the benefits of them.As for as I am concerned,government should make laws which can provide that they are used correctly.

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