The growing significance of the video camera

For the past few years science and technology have been creating imperative and significant discoveries and inventions, which aid the humankind in one way or the other. These inventions and discoveries continue to aggrandize their gamut of applications day by day. One of these great inventions and discoveries is the video camera, which today has been employed in many places and is finding many new applications that will be useful to mankind in the subsequent years.

Video cameras have the ability to capture an event in the same way as it happened, because they capture images at a speed of 16-25 frames per second, calculated in accordance with the persistence of vision of the human eye. This property has made the video camera extremely versatile and it is finding more and more applications day by day, some of which have been explained below. The video camera is used by the news channel correspondents to record important events that have occurred in any part of the world, which can be then projected through the Internet and Television, within 30-45 minutes of its occurrence. Video cameras are also used to make movies and serials that entertain people all over the world. In addition to this, video cameras are also used to capture some joyous moments of one’s life, which are kept as mementoes and reminiscences of the past. Furthermore, video cameras are also used by the Army and the Air-force as surveillance cameras to keep a regular check over the enemy at the time of war. Moreover, video cameras are also used in supermarkets as security cameras, so as to keep a check on every corner of the market. Nowadays, automobiles are also accoutred with rear view cameras that can be used during parking in the reverse direction. Additionally, there is one sub-category of the video camera known as the Infrared (IR) camera, which has the capability to capture at night and at places where no light can be used. Since this camera records the body heat of an organism, therefore it is used by the zoologists in order to study and record animals and their actions in their natural habitat during the night. Thus, from the aforementioned facts one can clearly ascertain the vital part that a video camera plays in our life.

In addition to the above stated facts, video camera has many applications that will become momentous in the subsequent years. Video camera is being employed inside the cars to keep a check on the driver. As soon as the driver falls asleep, this video camera with help of some other circuitry starts producing a beeping sound, thus awakening the driver. Furthermore, video camera is also finding applications in the field of robotics, where it is used to guide way to the Robots. Therefore, from the above examples one can clearly infer that the video camera has found many applications, but still there are many new applications that are yet to be explored.

Hence, in summary; in the present day scenario, the video camera has gained a substantial amount of significance and it is difficult to imagine a day without this device, as it has made our life smooth and easy going. The vast applications of this device in the present as well as in the future, will continue to serve and benefit us till the existence of our race.

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