The groove/jagged of the key dont match

  1. There are two sets of different identical keys and one single key.
  2. The keys come in a set of three keys.
  3. There are five keys, with two different sets of same keys and one single key.
  4. The groove/jagged of the key dont match.

Are the above sentences correct? Please advise.

At best they are clumsily expressed. They aren’t natural (because what you’ve said is not very clear). There is probably a better way of expressing each, but without knowing your exact meaning it’s not possible to say with accuracy what a better option would be
For example
I suspect you mean this for number 1:
There are two sets (of keys), each containing three keys, two of which are identical.
and this for 2:
The sets (of keys) each comprise three keys.
While 3 is more complicated to work out, but you might mean:
There are five keys on a set, which comprises two different pairs of identical keys and one other key.
4) should probably simply be:
The keys don’t match.

As the Coach said the sentences are clumsy. And not natural.

I would write it like-

There are some keys ( on the table).

The teeth of the keys ’ are different from each other. / are not the same. / are not identical.

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