The girl’s toys are different.

Is there any mistake in this sentence ?

The girl’s toys are different.

Is the sentence correct or not?

Thanks a lot. I appreciate every contribution.


Thank you Pamela,

The sentence is correct if there is only one girl. If there are two (or more) girls, then it should be:

The girls’ toys are different.

Thank you Beeesbeees,

This sentence was a part of a 10 sentences exercise, which the point was that each sentence should have a mistake, and I found for the rest, but did not find any for this one, that’s why I was a little bit confused, but I guess this was a tricky sentence. :smiley:

I expect the test makers were thinking about one toy belonging to each of two or more girls. They should have considered the question a little more carefully. If ever you are given the answers, I suspect that you will find they expected you to correct it to the girls’ toys instead of the girl’s toys.